About OpenBU

Boston University’s institutional repository OpenBU provides access and preservation to the University’s intellectual and creative output. The repository offers publications, documents, images, videos, and more. OpenBU is an open access repository, which means that the majority of the works deposited here are freely accessible and discoverable to the world via the web.

Who Can Contribute?

Members of the BU community (faculty, staff, students, departments, research centers, and administration) may submit items to collections in OpenBU on their own behalf or, where authorized, on behalf of another user.

What Can I Contribute?

Journal articles, book chapters, pre-prints, working papers, theses and dissertations, datasets, audio, video, presentations, conference materials, technical reports, etc. See our OpenBU FAQ for more information on what you can contribute.

Why Contribute?

  • Make your work accessible to researchers worldwide
  • Increasing your work’s visibility helps lead to increased citations
  • Track worldwide impact of your work (downloads + views statistics)
  • Organize all your work in one easy to find place
  • Materials are easily discovered via Google Scholar, Google and other search engines.
  • Optimized discovery, with works carefully curated by BU Libraries
  • Long term preservation and access to your work with a stable, permanent URL—no broken links
  • Helps with BU opt-out open access policy compliance (for faculty)

How Do I Contribute?

If My CV has been rolled out to your academic unit, please use My CV to submit scholarly articles. Alternatively, use our simple web submission form to easily send us a journal article or other materials (under 100MB). To submit a collection of items or larger files, please see instructions on submitting to OpenBU or contact us at open-help@bu.edu, and we can help you get started. See also our How to Contribute to OpenBU guide for more information.

Questions / Need Help?

To learn more about how and why to contribute visit the OpenBU FAQ, or just send us a message at open-help@bu.edu and we will be happy to help.