Open Access at Boston University

Welcome to our central point of information about open access, the opt-out open access policy, and activities about open content and culture at Boston University.

Open Access Policy

In 2015, Boston University adopted an opt-out open access policy for all faculty-authored scholarly articles, which allows BU to make these articles openly available in OpenBU, the university’s institutional repository. You can find basic information about the policy, submitting your articles, and opting out on our overview page. For more detailed information, see our Open Access Policy FAQ.

If you are looking for an Author Addendum to use in publication contract negotiations, you may download a suggested addendum and brief instructions here (PDF).


Boston University’s institutional repository, OpenBU, provides access and preservation to the University’s intellectual and creative output, which includes publications, documents, images, videos, and more. OpenBU is an open access repository, which means that the majority of the works deposited here are freely accessible and discoverable to the world via the web. Find out more on our overview page, or browse OpenBU’s collections.

Open Education

Open Educational Resources (OER) are educational materials–such as courses, assignments, syllabi, and textbooks–that are open for anyone to use and, depending on the license, to re-mix, improve, and redistribute. For information on finding open or affordable educational resources, or for assistance on making your course content open, see our open education guide.

Make Your Work Open

We can help you make your work openly available. Check out our guide on “How to Make Your Work Open” or contact us with questions, or for an individual consultation.

Programming & Events

Throughout the year, DiSc plans programming and events focused on open access, open education, and open scholarship. Check our calendar for upcoming events, or subscribe to our email list by filling out the “Stay Informed” form on the top right of this page.

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