October is Open Access Month

This October, Boston University will be celebrating Open Access Month with a line-up of activities all about sharing knowledge with a global community. Read about our planned events and register below.

For questions about events, contact Anna Newman, Open Access Specialist, at newmanaa@bu.edu or 617-358-8563.

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Wednesday, October 11, 12-2:00pm, Thurman Center (lower level of GSU), Makechnie Room

Join us for a community Wikipedia editing event, as we update and create articles in the world’s largest crowdsourced encyclopedia. No Wikipedia editing experience is necessary! We’ll provide tutorials for the beginner Wikipedian, reference materials, and a pizza lunch.

Have any ideas for a theme for our event? Would you like to see more articles about an underrepresented topic on Wikipedia? Let us know when you register! We’re open to all suggestions of themes for this edit-a-thon.

Pizza and drinks will be provided. If you would like us to provide a laptop for you to use, please let us know when you register. Register below.

Getting Back the Rights to Your Books Workshop

Thursday, October 12, 12:30-1:30pm, Mugar Memorial Library, Room 302/Estin Room

Have you written a book that is now out of print? Would you like to open your book up to a wider audience, without relying on a publisher to do it for you? In this workshop, we’ll explain how rights reversion works and how the BU Libraries can help you explore new ways to reach readers and scholars and gain added exposure for your work, through recovering your rights from your publisher.

Lunch of assorted sandwiches, chips, and drinks will be provided. Workshop is limited to 15 attendees. Register below.

Transcribe-a-thon for BU Recipe Boxes

Monday, October 16, 12:00-2:00pm, Mugar Memorial Library, Room 302/Estin Room

Did you know that BU has a rich collection of recipe boxes and scrapbooks? These boxes and scrapbooks have been digitized and made available in an online collection on OpenBU. Now we’re looking to transcribe the recipes, and we need your help! Join us during our transcribe-a-thon to help transcribe recipes using an easy online tool, enjoy some pizza, and share your favorite recipes.

Pizza and drinks will be provided. If you would like us to provide a laptop for you to use, please let us know when you register. Register below.

Public Domain Film Fest Lunch

Wednesday, October 18, 12-1:00pm, Mugar Memorial Library, Room 302/Estin Room

If you are interested in silent films and are curious to learn more about how movies enter the Public Domain (or, become free to use), then please join us for this brown bag lunch event. We will start off with a brief presentation entitled “Movies, Copyright, and the Public Domain,” followed by a screening of silent films, curated and presented by Jonathan Foltz, Assistant Professor of Film and Literature, which highlight some of the elements of the fantastic and the surreal that make early cinema so fascinating.

Bring your lunch (silent foods are encouraged), and we’ll provide dessert! Register below.

DiScussion: When Not Open Access?

Thursday, October 26, 10-11:00am, Mugar Memorial Library, Room 302/Estin Room

The focus of Open Access Month is on celebrating open access… but when is open access not a good idea? Join us for a discussion of the ethical concerns of open access. Readings for the session are:

Register below.

Copyright, Yours and Others’ Workshops

Monday, October 30, 3-4:00pm OR Tuesday, October 31, 10:00am, Mugar Memorial Library, Room 302/Estin Room

As part of the Digital Scholarship Fundamentals workshop series, this workshop will give an overview of copyright in the humanities and social sciences, with particular emphasis on digital humanities projects. We will talk about your rights to the intellectual content you create; different intellectual contributions often made to digital projects, the ethics of collaboration, and how to give proper credit to all project contributors; and rights considerations in using third-party materials in online projects.

Register on our workshop sign-up form.

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