Policies and Procedures

Procedures for Requesting Academic Accommodations on the Basis of Disability

At the Beginning of an Academic Program

At the Beginning of Each Semester

Students with appropriately documented disabilities who are enrolled in Boston University courses or programs may be eligible for reasonable accommodations. Students visiting from other institutions should contact the Office of Disability Services to discuss arranging for accommodations.

Request for Accommodation Form

Information for Evaluators of Students with Disabilities

Learning Disabilities & ADD/ADHD

Psychiatric/Psychological Disabilities

Physical Disabilities

Students seeking accommodations must provide appropriate medical documentation of their disability so that Disability Services can determine the student’s eligibility for accommodations; and if the student is eligible, determine appropriate academic accommodations.

Specific Policies and Procedures

ASL Interpreter Services

Audiotaping of Class Lectures

Textbooks in Alternate Formats

Brailled Materials

C.A.R.T. Services

Lab Assistance (coming soon)

Notetaker Service

Orientation to Campus and Mobility Training

Reduced Course Load

Word Processor for Essay Exams

Additional Information

Grievance Procedure in Cases of Alleged Discrimination

Commencement Access