Event and Meeting Requests

ODS can also cover your needs for one time events, such as appointments at BU Student Health Services, meetings with a professor, a BU show or performance, and/or class presentations.  Please email your request to:

 ASLODS@bu.edu as early as possible, ideally two weeks

Please write “One-time request” in the subject line.

Provide as much detail as possible:

Who is the meeting with?

What is the meeting for?

How many consumers will be present?

When, dates and time?

Where is the meeting or event

Assignment/Reassignment of Interpreters

The Coordinator assigns interpreters to academic courses based on the needs of the student and the availability,  background, and experience of specific interpreters. Most classes and events are team-interpreted to provide adequate support and coverage of the class/event and to avoid work-related injuries for interpreters.

The assignment of interpreters takes into consideration the following:

a) the academic background or experience of the interpreter,

b) the specific communication needs of the student/participant,

c) the purpose of the assignment (academic vs other),

d) course/presentation content and difficulty,

e) the availability of an interpreter for a particular course/event.

Specific student preferences will be considered when there is a compelling reason for the preference.  For example, an interpreter with past experience interpreting in a similar complex course may be more familiar with the language needed and therefore have be preferable.  However, there is no guarantee that a student will be assigned any specific interpreter for any particular class or activity.

Modify or add accommodations

If you would like to modify or add accommodations, please log into your student portal and select “Additional Accommodation Request” and follow the directions listed.   

Provider changes and Feedback:

Modification:  Students are able to update their prefered providers list. This can be done at anytime by by emailing your request to ASLODS@bu.edu or by setting up a time to meet with the Coordinator.

ODS values transparency, so it’s important that you provide us with as much feedback as possible to help us understand what is going well and what might need to change.  Feel free to use our provider feedback form as well!

Conflict:  From time-to-time, conflicts or concerns may arise with your providers. We encourage you to reach out to your provider and express your concerns directly to them. Sometimes it may be as simple as asking them to articulate differently or to sign faster.  Our pool of providers are highly qualified professionals who have vast experience working in higher education settings.  We find most issues can be easily resolved with direct, transparent communication.

If you need support after meeting with your providers(s), please reach out to us and let us know how we can best support you. We foster open communication and want you to ensure that you are receiving the best services possible.   

We welcome feedback regarding what is working well for you.

To help us better understand your thoughts, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to fill out this Provider Feedback Form.  You can also email us at aslods@bu.edu to set up a time to come in. We look forward to hearing from you!

Removal and reassignment:

Removal of an interpreter is taken very seriously and is not common.  Requests for reassignment may be made by either the student or interpreter. Reasons for reassignment might include:

interpreter’s knowledge base/experience with subject

student tardiness, excessive absence

unwillingness to communicate (either student or provider)

difficulty of subject matter

breach of ethics

objectionable behavior (student or provider)

unresolved personal conflicts between the student and interpreter.

students’ lack of ASL fluency

Requests for, and ultimate, reassignment on behalf of interpreters or students must be made to the Coordinator (ASLODS@bu.edu) in consultation with the Associate Director (Harriss@bu.edu).

Suspension of Service

Suspension of services may result from behavior exhibited by the student that seems contrary to the need for services. This includes, but is not limited to: inappropriate behavior towards interpreters, continued absences from class, or disregard of the conditions agreed to upon initiation of services. Prior to the suspension of services, the Coordinator will provide written notification to a student of the suspension, outlining the reasons for suspension and the conditions required for reinstatement of services.  The following are conditions which may lead to suspension of services:

If a student misses three (3) consecutive class meeting times without at least 1 hour prior notice for each instance.

If a student is attending a class for less than half of the regularly scheduled sessions during no less than four consecutive weeks, regardless of notification of missed classes.

If a student does not abide by the agreed-upon policies and procedures for interpreting services established by ODS.

If a student engages in substantiated abusive behavior, physical or verbal, towards any interpreter. Such behavior will be considered in violation of the university policy and may be subject to disciplinary action by the university.