“One-Time” Meeting Requests

DAS may cover requests for accommodation for events, such as appointments at BU Student Health Services, meetings with faculty or staff, class presentations or University sponsored events. Communication access professionals such as ASL Interpreters or CART providers are secured for meetings and events through our office when a Deaf or hard-of-hearing individual identifies a need these services in advance of the event in order to participate in the event*.

*ASL Interpreters for the Theatre, Open Caption films and Open Captioned Live theatre events are built into to University programming.

Faculty and staff (temporary and permanent employees) are asked to register with Equal Employment & Opportunity in order to activate accommodation privileges as an employee of the University.

Please email your request to:

ASLODS@bu.edu as early as possible, ideally 10 business days prior to the event

Please write “One-Time Request” in the subject line and provide as much detail as possible:

Who is the meeting with?

What is the meeting for?

How many consumers will be present?

When, dates and time?

Where is the meeting or event?