Grocery Orders

Grocery and Household Goods Order Form

You must be a BU student or essential employee of BU or contractor currently living and/or working on campus to place an order from this form. Please select desired goods and enter quantity. Please submit order form and payment by Friday at 3PM for grocery pick-up after 11AM and before 3PM the following Wednesday at 702 Commonwealth Avenue (City Convenience Store, Warren Towers).

  • Please use this field to let us know anything we should about your order or pickup.
  • Please select desired goods and enter quantity (QTY). Customization and/or substitutions of grocery or meat boxes are not a feature. Inquires or questions can be sent to Orders should be submitted by Friday at 3pm for pick-up the following Wednesday at Warren Towers Parking Garage, first level.
    Item Enter Quantity Size Price Item Total
    + Grocery Box 1 BOX $ $
    + Grocery Box 2 BOX $ $
    + Meat Box 1 BOX $ $
    + Meat Box 2 BOX $ $
    Grocery Item Enter Quantity Size Price Item Total
    Sugar 4LB $ $
    All Purpose Flour 2LB $ $
    80/20 Blended Olive Oil 1GAL $ $
    Smoked Ham Sliced 8OZ $ $
    Roast Turkey Sliced 8OZ $ $
    Genoa Salami Sliced 4OZ $ $
    Bologna Beef Sliced 6OZ $ $
    Lacey Swiss Cheese Sliced 8OZ $ $
    Muenster Sliced 8OZ $ $
    Box & Grocery Subtotal
    Household Good Enter Quantity (Limited to 0-5) Size Price Item Total
    Lysol Wipes EA $ $
    Lysol Spray EA $ $
    Toilet Paper 4PK $ $
    Hand Sanitizer 7.10OZ $ $
    Liquid Dish Soap EA $ $
    Household Subtotal
    Tax on Household Goods
    Total $
  • Refund Policy: No Refunds.

    When you click "Proceed to Payment," you will check a CAPTCHA and be redirected to a secure Nelnet credit card payment page. When you complete your payment, you will receive a confirmation email.