The Digital Health Initiative

The Institute for Health System Innovation & Policy and the Hariri Institute for Computing at Boston University are uniquely suited to advance the field of digital health together, under the new Digital Health Initiative. As university-wide institutes at a major research university, affiliated with an academic medical center that is the largest safety net hospital and busiest trauma and emergency services center in New England, they can create inimitable opportunities for innovative, cross-disciplinary work. By bringing their two communities together and funding expert health sector researchers, practitioners, and skillful computational and data-driven scientists, the Initiative aims to catalyze innovative solutions for the complex problems facing the health sector, both in the U.S. and globally.


The BU Digital Health Initiative will be guided by Jonathan Woodson, Director of the Institute for Health System Innovation & Policy, as well as by Azer Bestavros and Andrei Lapets, Founding Director and Director of Research Development, respectively, of the Hariri Institute for Computing.

The Institute for Health System Innovation & Policy

The Institute for Health System Innovation & Policy develops solutions to address the critical challenges of health and healthcare, both in the United States and globally.  Its goal is to transform healthcare through integration and innovation across science and technology, system design and management, leadership, and policy development. The Institute is committed to research and education to support the development and deployment of capabilities to produce effective and efficient healthcare delivery, optimal health outcomes, and better population health. It uses analytic tools and evidence-based study to improve the value creation across all elements of the healthcare system.

For more information about the Institute for Health System Innovation & Policy, please contact ihsip@bu.edu.

The Hariri Institute for Computing

An incubator in a university setting, the Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering initiates, catalyzes, and propels transformative computational and data-driven research and training initiatives across the landscape of academic disciplines for a better society. Sitting at the nexus of data science, cloud computing, and cyber security, the Institute is committed to supporting a growing community of researchers who think computationally and strive to apply a burgeoning body of analytical techniques in solving research problems across disciplines.

For more information about the Hariri Institute for Computing, please contact Katherine Gerrety, Events & Program Manager, at ktd@bu.edu.