We build and/or maintain three different kinds of tools to help our front-line fundraising colleagues and their support staff:

  • The Staff Hub—which contains printable fundraising brochures, sample proposals and related letters, and gift agreement templates—contributed (and in many cases, annotated) by our DAR colleagues. The hub also includes links to communications-related websites, such as BU Today, Bostonia online, the Alumni & Friends website, and the BU Alumni Association Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • The print-on-demand system, which provides DevCom-, ARcom-, and MarCom-developed templates that enable you to customize and order professionally printed stationery, holiday cards, invitations, and more in minutes, from your computer. Your pieces are digitally printed and delivered to the address of your choice, usually within a week of ordering. Our print-on-demand invitations recently moved onto a different system than BU’s on-demand stationery system. You can access the latter via the “Use the BU Print Center” button on this page; for the former contact us!
  • Branding and editorial resources, provided to help you both conform to BU’s larger branding guidelines and answer your own questions about grammar and style.

We also maintain a physical library of print samples, which are always available for use by DAR staff. If you are on campus, please visit our Communications Library (in the river-side hallway across from Research) and take what you need. If you’re on the road, feel free to print anything you need off the Staff Hub, linked above—or contact a DevCom team member!

Several other groups on campus also offer communications-related help, from photocopying to photography. Visit Beyond DevCom to find links to their webpages.