Our services

In working with our clients, we try to be a high-touch, high-service organization. Toward that end, we strike a balance between structure and flexibility.

Structure is important because most of the work we do involves real deadlines, and in many cases outside vendors who have schedules and processes of their own. You probably won’t see most of our structure, but it’s there.

Flexibility is important because it reflects the reality of DAR. Things change. New opportunities arise; existing plans and projects take new directions overnight. Our colleagues have to respond, and we have to respond along with them.

What we can do for you

Every project begins with you. You will tell us your goals, intended audience, sources for content, and timeline. We will discuss budget, scheduling, the review process, media recommendations, and what kinds of approvals will be needed along the way. Then, we will get to work.

We will try to avoid surprises, black-box magic, and grand reveals. We will be candid (but polite). We will make our process as transparent to you as you want it to be. We will stay on top of the schedule, and keep you advised if we risk falling behind. We will keep you as involved as you want to be.

If you’re willing, we’ll also schedule a debriefing after the project is completed, so that we can figure out how to do (even) better next time.

Development Communications is your one-stop shop for Development & Alumni Relations communications. We know your University. We know your base. We know your message. We know what else is coming out of this department. We can give you consistency, experience, competence, and a superior product—all with professionalism and collegiality. You always know where to find us. Stop by and see what we can do for you.

Questions? Contact a DevCom team member!