Before Your Visit

What to expect as a patient at the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine.

Request an Appointment 

Please only use the above link if you are a new patient; existing patients should call (617-358-8300) to schedule an appointment.


Your First Appointment

At your first appointment, you will be seen by a dental school faculty member who will conduct a short examination to determine your outstanding dental needs, including whether you need x-rays (radiographs). If you have not yet completed your medical history, the provider will collect that information.

You can expect this appointment to last about an hour, although it may be shorter or longer depending on your specific needs.

A few things you can do to streamline this first appointment:

  • Complete your medical history online before arriving at the dental school;
  • Submit recent x-rays (radiographs) ahead of time by emailing them to; and
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to do any outstanding paperwork

    Before you leave the dental school, you will be assigned to a student dentist, and a patient coordinator will schedule your next appointment.

    Subsequent Appointments

    You can expect all follow-up appointments to last three hours, and it’s important that you are available for the entire three-hour appointment window. At the end of each appointment, you will be able to schedule your next appointment directly with your student provider. Evening and Saturday appointments are available.

    As dental care providers, we want you to enjoy a healthy smile, and are committed to delivering you superior dental care. This requires effective communication between and equal commitment from the patient, the dental student/resident, and the supervising faculty. 

    Here’s what you can do to help us get you great results:

    • Commit to completing the treatment plan.
    • Attend all scheduled appointments – and arrive on time!
    • Pay all required fees in a timely manner (and payment for out-of-pocket costs is required at the time of service.


      Cost of treatment

      All of our procedures are offered at very competitive fees, as you are helping our students/residents gain the necessary expertise they will need to become effective dentists and specialists. We also believe that offering dental care at a reasonable fee will encourage better dental hygiene throughout our communities.

      As your treatment plan is determined, the cost of the procedures will be discussed with you by the student/resident and their supervising faculty member in order to keep an open line of communication regarding the costs you will incur. As you have questions about the costs of your treatment plan, what is covered by your insurance plan(s), and what the out-of-pocket costs will be, you can always contact our Patient Financial Services department at 617-358-3900.