Commencement 2023


Commencement 2023 is a remarkable time to honor and celebrate the hard work and dedication of every member of the Class of 2023. On this landing page, you can access all of our commencement content, ranging from alumni advice to student/resident profiles.

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Watch five of our class of 2023 graduates speak about their most impactful GSDM experience. 


Commencement Spotlight: Mother’s Day edition

Every student and resident in the Class of 2023 at the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine has a unique story to tell about their journey to dental school, their experiences at GSDM, and their plans for the future. Today’s featured students and residents are Dr. Catalina Osses Albornoz DMD AS 23, Dr. Natallia Petrushenka DMD AS 23, and Dr. Carolynn Landman DMD 20 ORTHO 23. More