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Category: Impressions

Alumna spotlight: Cherae Farmer-Dixon DPH 14

Taking every opportunity to have her voice heard and be a role model for women in the profession. The summer before Cherae Farmer-Dixon DPH 14 started her junior year in college, she sat down with her advisor, and told him she wanted to go to dental school. He seemed “surprised,” she remembered, and told her […]

Alumna Spotlight: Aidee Herman MSc 84 PERIO 86 DMD 90

Helping to create the leaders of tomorrow by building a pipeline from elementary school to the dental practice. Aidee Herman MSc 84 PERIO 86 DMD 90 knows what it is like to feel a little lost. In 1981, when she arrived in Boston from Venezuela to begin the oral biology program at the Henry M. […]

Alumni spotlight: Wallace Bellamy DMD 89

Honoring the history of black dentists in the U.S. while advocating for, mentoring the next generation of dentists of color. Wallace Bellamy DMD 89 remembers the exact day he decided to become a dentist. It was an oven-hot summer day in Sacramento, and he had a dental appointment sandwiched between two-a-day high school football practices. […]