New students welcomed to GSDM during annual Professional Ceremony

More than 200 students were officially welcomed into the field of dentistry – and to the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine – during the school’s annual Professional Ceremony, held on July 29 on Talbot Green.

The Professional Ceremony marks a student’s entry into dental school and signifies their commitment to promoting the integrity of the profession and to serving the needs of those who require oral healthcare. Several hundred people attended this year’s ceremony, which was the culminating event of a week-long matriculation and celebrated the entering members of the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) Class of 2026 and DMD Advanced Standing (DMD AS) Class of 2024.

“Collectively and individually, you are an impressive group of beginning students,” said Dr. Cataldo W. Leone, dean and Spencer N. Frankl professor in dental medicine, during his opening remarks. He continued later, “In addition to your academic credentials, you are also impressive in your diversity of background and prior life experiences.”

Students in the DMD Class of 2026 come from nine countries, including the United States, and from 20 states, while students in the DMD AS Class of 2024 represent 26 countries, including the United States.

Dr. Karen Antman, provost of the Medical Campus and dean of Boston University School of Medicine, was on hand for the event, congratulating the students for joining the Boston University Medical Campus during brief remarks.

The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Cameron Shahbazian DMD 14 Questrom 24, clinical assistant professor of general dentistry. In his remarks, Shahbazian said he couldn’t help but see himself in the new students sitting in front of him – and knew first-hand the mix of excitement and nervousness they were feeling.

 “The years spent here are meant to be a training ground to make mistakes, to appreciate your successes, and to treat a stranger who’s trusting you to make the right choice ethically and critically,” Shahbazian said. He continued later, “It’s my hope that we can learn and grow together in the years ahead.”

After the speaking program, students crossed the stage one by one to receive a Boston University pin. After receiving their pins, Dean Leone led them in a recitation of the professional oath, in which the students pledged themselves to the service of humanity, patients, community, and profession.

“Students, I also thank you for choosing Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine as the place to learn dentistry,” Dean Leone said in his closing remarks. “However, please be reminded that success in any professional school requires commitment, diligence, and plain old hard work. The profession of dentistry is no exception. I mentioned previously that you are the most highly qualified of all our applicants for this year’s entering class. That means that our expectations of you are also most high.” 

For photos from the event, click here.