GSDM faculty member to become youngest president in Massachusetts Dental Society history

Dr. Meredith Bailey will make history this July when she becomes the youngest president in the history of the Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) and the first who will serve a two-year term.

Bailey, clinical instructor in the Department of General Dentistry and a group practice leader at the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (GSDM), was sworn in as president during the 157th MDS House of Delegates session on January 27, 2021, and will officially begin her term on July 1, 2021.

“I’m excited that I have the opportunity to have a two-year term,” Bailey said. ”When I ran for this position, my platform focused on three things—cultivating membership, improving communication, and strengthening the districts. I think those are three vital things that we need to look at for our organization.” 

“My age and experience allow me to relate to a lot of people,” she continued. “I’ve had experience in private practice—my first job out of school was actually working at the Boston University Dental Health Center at 930 Commonwealth Avenue. As a member of the GSDM faculty  and then working in community health, I have experience in all areas. To be the youngest person to hold the position of MDS president, but to have all of those experiences—I think [that] will be beneficial for the organization.” 

As MDS president, Bailey will oversee the organization and serve as the Chair of the MDS Board of Trustees, as well as help transition the organization over to a new governance structure and continue to advocate for dentists’ within the healthcare system. 

“As dentists, we know that oral health is essential to overall health and that’s something that we really need to spread the word on,” Bailey said. “The core of our profession is helping our patients achieve optimal health and that’s what we strive for. No matter what we do, that’s our end goal.” 

Bailey first became involved with organized dentistry as a student at Case Western Reserve School of Dental Medicine. 

“I’ve always been interested in just doing something greater than myself,” Bailey said. “Being involved in something that a lot of people are able to participate in just really motivates me to want to do better for our profession.” 

She encourages students to get involved with organized dentistry, as it is an opportunity for mentorship and to have their voice heard. 

“Students need to know that they are the voice for the future,” Bailey said. “By being involved, they’ll be able to speak up, have their voices heard and really protect the investment that they’re making right now in the profession with their education, and then also to find mentors.” 

Bailey received her DMD from Case Western Reserve School of Dental Medicine in 2006, and completed a post-graduate degree from the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine in 2007. She has held leadership positions at the regional, state and national level and is a past winner of the MDS William McKenna Volunteer Hero Award.