Dr. Joseph Boffa Featured in Metrowest Daily News

Boffa-200Associate Professor in the Department of Health Policy & Health Services Research Dr. Joseph Boffa guest authored an op-ed article, “Don’t sacrifice health to cut deficits,” in the January 18, 2013, issue of the Metrowest Daily News.

“Congress must do the right thing,” he says, “in order to preserve some of the programs that actually work to keep America healthy.”

Dr. Boffa urges Congress to avoid cuts in Medicare Part D, citing both research and cases he witnessed personally as Executive Director of HealthLink Wellness of New England. He praises Part D for lowering non-prescription drug medical spending and hospital admissions and saving billions overall.

“Preventing and managing chronic diseases among our retirees should be a national priority,” he says, “not a ledger to balance.”