Center for Exocrine Disorders

The Center for Exocrine Disorders (CED) at the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine was established in 2015 and it is housed within the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology on the 4th floor of the Evans Research Building. Disorders of exocrine glands, including the pancreas and the salivary glands, are highly significant health problems. Development of new therapeutic and preventive approaches has been hampered by the lack of a clear understanding of disease mechanisms and suitable animal models for mechanistic studies and preclinical testing. To overcome these major hurdles, a concentration of research expertise is needed that can promote interactions and collaborations leading to new program projects. The CED allows for the development of a critical mass of scientists who form a cohesive group with a clear identity and the mission to make a difference in the treatment and prevention of exocrine disorders. The CED is directed by GSDM Professor in Molecular and Cell Biology Dr. Miklos Sahin-Toth, a world-renowned expert in the area of disorders of the pancreas.


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