2017 Symposium Feedback

Head & Neck Cancer Symposium
Advances in Head and Neck Cancer:
Immunotherapy and Precision Medicine
Monday, September 25, 2017

Feedback from Post-Event Evaluation

  • 90% of respondents rated the event overall as 4 or a 5 (5 = excellent).
  • 98% of respondents rated the event content as up-to-date and timely (4 or 5, where 5=excellent).
  • 93% of respondents rated the event content as new and cutting-edge (4 or 5, where 5=excellent).
  • 23% of respondents indicated that they planned to make changes in their practice, system care, patient care and/or research program based on what they learned at the symposium. Examples included:
    • Will inform patients about clinical trials that may be available to them.
    • More thorough cancer screening of patients.
    • I have inquired with one of the speakers to obtain mouse oral cancer cell lines used for new animal models.
    • More focus towards specific research area related to precision medicine and immunotherapy.
    • I made clinical contacts that will improve my research aims.
    • I’m thinking much more (…) about MDSCs and that I need to include them in the tumor analysis moving forward.
    • Although I am the dental consultant for all head/neck tumor patients, I will now be much more informed as to the immunological components of treatment.
    • Encourage patients to enroll in clinical trials.
    • More informed discussions with others as volunteer at DFCI.
  • The presentations and panel discussions received consistently high marks from respondents.
  • 87% of the respondents attended the poster session. Of those who attended, 98% rated it as Very Good or Good.


Additional Comments from Post-Event Evaluation

  • This was exceptional – speakers were all very good.
  • Overall I really enjoyed the symposium and learned a lot.
  • Overall very well organized and comprehensive.
  • Extremely well organized and very cutting edge findings with varying points of view from experts.
  • The Symposium is very well organized and attended. Topics covered are broad yet focused. Very timely symposium focus considering the rapidly emerging info in the HNSCC disease from basic to clinical.
  • Great symposium this year!

Comments from Symposium Speakers

  • It’s a wonderful meeting and the quality of the science that gets presented is just spectacular.
  • It was such a pleasure being a part of the Symposium, meeting your team, and hearing the excellent talks. If there is anything you need from us, please let me know. [One of the other speakers] and I are already planning collaborations.
  • Congratulations on such a well organized and enjoyable meeting. I appreciated the honor of your invitation and look forward to future interactions.
  • It was indeed very interesting symposium and I learned a lot.
  • Thank you for the invitation to attend the meeting yesterday.  Really great talks and I learned a lot.
  • You should be congratulated for putting on a great presentation for truly innovative work going on in Head and Neck.
  • [You] planned and executed a fantastic program and I learned a tremendous amount from our colleagues working in the immunotherapy and immunobiology of HNSCC
  • I really enjoyed the meeting and look forward to future opportunities to collaborate.
  • You put together a great conference. It was impressive!
  • Thank you for the invitation to a world-class meeting, with an incredible program. It was a great privilege to be there. Congratulations […] for running such a great meeting.