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Who We Are: Zaman Lab

The Zaman Lab consists of post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students, biomedical engineering researchers, public health practitioners and dedicated faculty working together to develop innovative technologies for today’s global health challenges. This interdisciplinary approach allows us to create practical and robust technologies that are socially and culturally appropriate for the context in which they will be used. In the process of creating these health solutions, our lab fosters the next generation of globally aware engineers ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

Global Health Technology at Work: PharmaCheck

PharmaChk is one of the technologies being developed in the Zaman lab that aims to address the global challenges of substandard and counterfeit drugs in developing nations. Counterfeit and substandard drugs are a growing global health issue, with 10 – 30% of the market in developing countries infiltrated with these ineffective and potentially harmful “fakes”. The loss of life, financial damage and long-term drug resistance affect health systems globally. In response to this challenge, with the support of USAID, Saving Lives at Birth, PQM Program, the Coulter Foundation and VentureWell, the Zaman Lab developed PharmaCheck, an effective, inexpensive and mobile method for the real-time testing for counterfeit drugs. This technology has been developed in the lab, has undergone initial field tests in Ghana, and is aiming to make an impact globally. PharmaChk is an excellent example of how engineers can address global health challenges in an academic setting.


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