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Digital Supply Chain Benchmarking

We are seeking companies to partner in innovative projects to establish best practices in digital supply chain reconfiguration in specific industries. Our Digital Supply Chain Benchmarking Initiative, led by Professor Nitin Joglekar,  will provide a structured approach backed by digitalization and platforming know-how.  Components of the assessments will include: 

  1. Efficiency – Basic Supply Chain Readiness Within a Firm: Assessing supply chain performance (such as skill and technology readiness levels and allied risks) for point-solutions, infrastructure, and system-wide enhancement efforts through supply chain projects using standardized assessment tools set (see references below). Some aspects of the basic readiness analysis will be customized to the practices for specific industry such as energy infrastructure,  pharmaceuticals/healthcare, and retail.
  2. Resilience – Identification of Emergent Supply Chain Blind Spots within a Firm:  This part of benchmarking will explore advanced integration and resilience planning within a firm (Joglekar et al. 2020). It will also document needed human interventions to refine existing programs and to identify possible gaps in resilience scenarios (and short vs long-term trade-offs) using GPT3 tools.
  3. Comparative, within-industry, and cross-industry assessments:  By aggregating within firm data collected in parts (i) and (ii), along with expert commentary and group discussions.


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