Harvard Business Review: Insightful work by our own Professor Venkat Venkatraman!

The Next Great Digital Advantage
by Vijay Govindarajan and N. Venkat Venkatraman
We’ve all seen the signs in front of McDonald’s announcing “Over X Billion Served” and have watched the number rise over the years. But tracking how many burgers are sold every day, month, or year is a relic of the past. Today ask: Do we know where each consumer buys her burgers? At what time? What does she drink with it? What does she do before or after buying a burger? How can we satisfy more of her needs so that she keeps coming back? Datagraphs capture this information, helping to reshape competition in every sector. Leaders must invest in upgrading their data architecture to enable a real-time, comprehensive view of how consumers interact with their products and services so that they can develop unique ways to solve customer problems.
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