Formation-Based Clinical Training

We take a formation-based approach to clinical training at the Danielsen Institute, which we define as attending to attitudes, values, and capacities as well as skills and knowledge as critical aspects of professional development.  There is a need for theory-driven research that identifies key processes in clinical training that contribute to clinical effectiveness and diversity competence. Consistent with our relational framework for psychotherapy and spirituality, we are particularly interested in the role of relational dynamics in clinical training. We currently have several theoretical and empirical research projects in this area underway:

  • A theoretical paper describing our relational training model and groups we use to facilitate growth spiritual and religious clinical competence (SRC).
  • A mixed method study of a training module based on the model above with clinicians, which investigates humility and differentiation of self as predictors of SRC.
  • A longitudinal qualitative study of our training program in collaboration with Dr. Mary Jensen of Eastern Mennonite University.
  • A quantitative study investigating the clinical effectiveness of Danielsen training fellows as therapists.