New Professional Development and Support Program Launching April 2023

An 8-week online program for helping professionals that work in mental healthcare and religious leadership will launch this April as part of our larger Peale Foundation grant entitled “Positive Psychology and Formation-Based Flourishing among Spiritual Leaders and Therapists.” You can read more about the larger project here. Below is a call for participants that work in the U.S. in these specific fields and are interested in participating in this free, virtual professional development and support program.

Are you feeling taxed as a helping professional? Seeking opportunities for self-reflection, personal growth, or connection with others in your field? If so, we invite you to participate in a research study evaluating a new empirically-based personal and professional formation program designed specifically for psychotherapists, chaplains, and clergy.

This free 8-week online program, including group and individual formats, will include opportunities to:

  • Process the psychological, emotional, relational, and spiritual/existential impacts of companioning others amidst trauma and suffering.
  •  Identify and develop personal capacities and culturally embedded strengths to metabolize these impacts in order to build resilience and thrive as a whole person.
  • Reflect on your intersectional identities, life experiences, and core values, and how these inform your work.
  • Interrogate and resist personal, relational, and systemic pressures that are counter to your well-being, while working toward systemic change.

Click here to complete a brief interest form, and qualified candidates will be invited to schedule a screener interview.