Events and opportunities outside of CURA

The JCE supports Jewish cultural programs across the University, sponsoring lectures, conferences, literary events, curricular enhancement, and artistic performances and exhibitions. Our mission is to foster an appreciation of Jewish culture in all its richness and diversity.

We invite grant proposals from individuals (faculty, students, and staff) with access to a BU program administration that will be responsible for planning, promoting and executing the event. JCE funded events must take place on the BU campus and should directly benefit the BU community.

The Study Group on Religion and Myth in the Ancient World
Funded by the Dept. of Classical Studies and the Center for the Humanities, this group meets 3 times per semester to discuss works in progress or developments in any aspect of religion and myth in the ancient world. Open to all faculty and grad students

The Study Group On Religion and Myth in the Ancient World



Calendars of Interest

Center for Global Christianity and Mission

The Institute for Philosophy & Religion Lecture Series

Elie Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies

Graduate Division of Religious Studies