Faculty Who Work on Religion

Tim Longman | longman@bu.edu
Director of the CURA and Professor of Political Science


Kimberly Arkin | karkin@bu.edu
Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Robert W. Hefner | rhefner@bu.edu
Professor of Anthropology

Shahla Haeri shaeri@bu.edu
Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology

Nancy Smith-Hefner smhefner@bu.edu
Associate Professor of Anthropology

Robert P. Weller | rpweller@bu.edu
Professor of Anthropology


Houchang E. Chehabi | chehabi@bu.edu
Professor of International Relations and History

Jeremy Menchik | menchik@bu.edu 
Assistant Professor of International Relations



Betty Anderson banderso@bu.edu
Associate Professor of History and the Director of the Institute for the Study of Muslim Societies & Civilizations

Phillip Haberkern |  phaberke@bu.edu

Jon H. Roberts | roberts1@bu.edu
Professor of History

Jeffrey Rubin |  jwr@bu.edu
Associate Professor of History


Linda Barnes | lbarnes@bu.edu
Associate Professor, Departments of Pediatrics and Family Medicine, School of Medicine

Lance Laird | lance.laird@bmc.org
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, Assistant Director of the Masters Program in Medical Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Practice


Kecia Ali | ka@bu.edu
Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies

Frank J. Korom korom@bu.edu
Professor of Religion and Anthropology

Anthony Petro apetro@bu.edu
Assistant Professor of Religion

Stephen Prothero prothero@bu.edu
Professor of Religion

Dana Robert drobdan@bu.edu

Truman Collins Professor of World Mission and Co-Director of the Center for Global Christianity and Mission

Steven J. Sandage  | ssandage@bu.edu
Albert and Jessie Danielsen Professor of Pastoral Psychology and Theology

Adam Seligman seligman@bu.edu
Professor of Religion

Nimi Wariboko | nimiwari@bu.edu
Walter G. Muelder Professor of Social Ethics


Nancy T. Ammerman | nta@bu.edu
Professor of Sociology of Religion, School of Theology and Department of Sociology