The BU CTSI Team Science/IBRO/Evans Center IBR, under the directorship of Dr. Katya Ravid, are pleased to announce the establishment and support of a new Affinity Research Collaborative (ARC) titled “Respiratory Viruses: A Focus on COVID-19 ARC,” co-directed by Drs. Markus Bosmann and Mohsan Saeed. This multidisciplinary researcher team at Boston University (BUMC, CRC) aims to dissect how this virus invades the lung epithelium, replicates inside cells, and is recognized and counteracted by the host immune defense. These directions will serve as a platform for pre-clinical models of SARS-CoV-2 infection to design innovative diagnostics, preventive agents and therapeutics.

The CTSI’s Team Science Initiative, directed by Dr. Katya Ravid, assists in engaging such interactive networks.