CLIC News Roundup May 5, 2020

News Roundup

May 5, 2020

Updates from CLIC

CTSA Program Working Group Submissions Open
The CTSA Program Steering Committee is once again accepting proposal submissions to form new Working Groups that address specific issues in clinical and translational research. With programmatic support from CLIC, Working Groups propose and deliver consensus papers, publications, conferences, or other deliverables that fill gaps or further CTSA Program objectives in high priority areas of clinical and translational science.
To have your proposal for a Working Group considered for approval, please submit an application no later than 11:59 PM EST May 31, 2020

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Coronavirus & COVID-19 Update

EHR COVID-19 DREAM Challenge
Registration is now open for the COVID-19 EHR DREAM Challenge, a project which seeks to incorporate machine learning and predictive algorithms into clinical care, with a focus on COVID-19.
The rapid rise of COVID-19 has challenged healthcare globally. Due to the importance and emergent need for better understanding of the condition and the development of patient-specific clinical risk scores and early warning tools, CD2H has developed a platform to support analytic and machine learning hypotheses on clinical data, without data sharing, to rapidly discover and implement approaches for care.
CD2H is asking the following challenge question: Of patients who have at least one clinical encounter/visit at UW Medicine and who were tested for COVID-19, can we predict who tested positive?

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SCTR: Fast-tracking Research to Address COVID-19 Crisis

The emergence of SARS-Cov-2, the virus behind the COVID-19 pandemic, has reminded us how important it is to speed research breakthroughs into clinical practice.
Testing potential new tests and therapies for COVID-19 in clinical trials ensures that only those that are effective and safe make it to the clinic.
But how can the pace of those trials be sped up? And how does one conduct such trials, along with trials of treatments for other deadly diseases, in a time of social distancing?
The South Carolina Clinical & Translational Research (SCTR) Institute is playing a central role in addressing both issues. As one of more than 60 Clinical and Translational Research Award (CTSA) hubs nationwide, SCTR has been working for over a decade to streamline clinical trials so that patients can benefit sooner from research breakthroughs

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News from around the CTSA Program Consortium

CTSAs Meet at UMN to Catalyze Ultra-High Field MRI Advancements

CTSA members are helping drive new research and clinical opportunities in ultra-high field magnetic resonance imaging (UHF MRI), evidenced by the “Toward the Clinical Translation of Ultra-high field MRI” conference on the topic for the national CTSA community hosted by the University of Minnesota this past November.
In addition to discussing specific topics within UHF MRI, attendees heard how the CTSA’s Trial Innovation Network can provide the resources 
for streamlining multi-site clinical trials with the goal of identifying uses that impact patient care and establishing best practices supported by prospectively designed studies. 
“As a CTSA network, we have the potential to be leaders in moving UHF imaging technology forward,” said Greg Metzger, PhD, an Associate Professor with the University of Minnesota’s Department of Radiology and Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, a world-renowned pioneer of and leader in UHF MRI. “Clinicians and scientists from around the country rallied around this vision at the conference, which is serving as an important step in harnessing the technology’s full clinical potential.”


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