Salaried Lecturer Professional Development Fund

The Center for Teaching & Learning is pleased to invite proposals from faculty eligible for support from the Salaried Lecturer Professional Development Fund. Below are the requirements and guidelines for proposal consideration.

Beginning in July 2018, Boston University created a $50,000 Professional Development Fund to which a salaried lecturer (including senior or master lecturers) or instructor may apply for up to $1,000 per academic year (July 1 – June 30) for professional development funding for opportunities or resources related to teaching at Boston University. Application for funding is made through BU’s Center for Teaching & Learning.

Senior and Master Lecturers may apply to the CTL for a supplemental amount of up to $650 per academic year. Salaried lecturers may apply to the CTL for a supplemental amount of up to $500 per academic year. Faculty can request additional funding May through June. Such requests will be considered only if there is money left in the fund during this window.

Denial of request or application for professional development funds shall not be grieved under the agreement between Boston University and Salaried Lecturers and Instructors, Service Employees International Union Local 509, CTW, CLC.

Proposals must be reviewed and signed by the faculty member’s academic unit head or chair on the attached cover sheet before submission to the Center for Teaching & Learning for approval. Proposal submissions will be approved on a rolling basis beginning July 1st of each Fiscal Year.

Applicants are encouraged to use funds to support attendance at an academic conference, workshop, or other relevant professional development activity related to teaching at Boston University. This fund can be used to help cover travel and registration fees for such activities. Funding requests for books advances, equipment, software, or supplies are discouraged. Funds may not be used to pay students or employees.

Submission Process:

  1. Faculty member sends completed proposal and signed cover sheet to academic unit head or chair for review.
  2. Within 10 days of submission, academic unit head or chair reviews the application, signs it, and sends it to the Center for Teaching & Learning (
  3. The Center for Teaching & Learning Director will communicate the decision of the request within 30 days of receipt of the proposal.
  4. Upon notice of a successful proposal, funds will be transferred from the CTL to the faculty member’s home college/school. College/school point-of-contact information will be emailed to awardees once funds have been successfully transferred. We strongly encourage faculty to contact their college/school business office representative as soon as funding is made available.

Supporting documentation of incurred costs pertaining to approved proposals must be submitted to the faculty member’s primary unit for reimbursement within 30 days of completion of the professional development activities. Expenditures must be consistent with established University policies.

Click here to download the proposal instructions and cover sheet.

The Center for Teaching & Learning looks forward to reading your proposal and supporting your professional development.