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This blog is a space created for graduate students, by graduate students, for us to share answers to common teaching questions. In these pages, you will find suggestions for innovative, evidence-based teaching strategies presented in the context of our own graduate teaching experiences. We hope these posts enrich your teaching practice!

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Keeping Breakout Rooms On Task

Graduate Teaching Blog Post Contributed by Phillippa Pitts (4 minute read) Q: I hear students benefit from small group work and appreciate using Zoom breakout rooms. But how will I know that they’re staying on task if I’m not there? A: This is a question that came up frequently in the physical classroom. More

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Announcing Our New Graduate Teaching Blog!

This year, CTL has been fortunate to have three wonderful graduate students working with us as Graduate Teaching Consultants (you can find out more about Phillippa Pitts, Sarah Sklar, and Ben Suitt on our staff page). One of their ideas was to produce a blog "for grad students, by graduate students" addressing... More

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Practice, Practice, Practice

Graduate Teaching Blog Post Contributed by Ben Suitt (2 minute read) Q: My students did poorly on the essay questions of the midterm despite acing my multiple choice quizzes. How do I help them do as well on the final essay exam as they did on my quizzes? A: Seeing a disconnect between... More

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