In-Class Observations

An in-class observation is an effective way to get objective, formative feedback on your teaching or course. The Center consultant who observes your class will work with you to discover what aspects of the course you are most interested in analyzing and tailor the observation and consultation to fit.

To schedule an in-class observation, please complete this request form. Someone from CTL will respond to your request within three business days.

How does an in-class observation work?

Once you’ve requested an in-class observation & consultation,

  1. The consultant will contact you to arrange the date and time of the observation and ask you what specific aspects you would like to focus on
  2. The consultant will arrive early, find an unobtrusive place to sit, and spend most of the class time taking notes.

How can I get the most out of this process?

Before the observation, discuss with the consultant any concerns or questions you have about the specific class being observed or the course or teaching in general. Explaining what you’d like the observer to look for and why can help a) identify teaching questions you have and b) help the observer know what to focus on—the consultant will note different things if, for example, your primary interest is in how engaged students are in the lecture or how effectively the discussion includes a cross-section of the class.

What is the consultation like?

After the class visit, the CTL consultant will schedule a follow-up meeting (about 45 minutes). During the follow-up meeting, the consultant will provide you with information on what was observed, discuss effective, evidence-based teaching and learning strategies, as relevant, and offer suggestions or additional resources.