CTL’s Graduate Assistants and Associates

  This semester, five wonderful graduate students are helping the CTL to provide support to the graduate student teaching community at BU. Graduate Assistants Federica Bocchi (Philosophy), Maya Chakravorty (Classical Studies), and Maria Valadez Ingersoll (Cellular and Molecular Biology) joined us this month, and Graduate Associates Phillippa Pitts (History of Art and Architecture) and Sarah […]

Graduate students: come learn and connect with other graduate students and CTL staff this fall!

Graduate students: welcome back!  Come learn and connect with other grad students and CTL staff this fall.  Here are some of the ways you can get involved: attend a workshop on Lesson Planning; join a Learning Community, co-facilitated by PDPA, on inclusive teaching in STEM courses; and work with us through the Graduate Assistant program.  We look forward to […]