Safety, Curiosity, and the Joy of Learning

Sideway image of masked students on the right of the banner sitting next to one another typing on laptops. Title of the post on the left side.

A recent webinar, “What Students Need This Academic Year,” hosted by The Chronicle of Higher Education, reminded us that “normal” is a relative and transitory feeling and space.  Malik Singleton, a student speaker from Harris-Stowe State University, noted that he wants to “take charge of my own normal.” With that advice in mind, we wish all BU instructors and students a wonderful first week in class. Safety, curiosity, and the joy of learning – all good things to nurture in our return to in-person classes!

For strategies and ideas to connect with your students in these first few classes, please see two CTL quick guides: Student Engagement Part 1: Focusing on the Emotional Aspects of Learning and Student Engagement Part 2: Ensuring Deep Learning.  Engagement is complemented by compassion in the classroom, a key teaching tool this semester. Malik Singleton had something to say about that, too: “We [students] don’t need tough love; we just need love.” For a BU-specific version of Malik’s advice, please see SPH Clinical Assistant Professor Sophie Godley’s Lightning Talk from 2020: “Engage, Challenge, Love.” Perfect advice for the start of semester, in any modality of teaching!