Supporting Graduate Students as Teachers

The CTL, with help from our Graduate Teaching Consultants (GTCs), offers a variety of programs and services designed to help graduate students grow as teachers and connect with a cross-disciplinary community of peer instructors.

Drop into our Virtual Office Hours for Teaching Fellows to share questions and brainstorm ideas with fellow TFs and CTL staff.  We start by briefly sharing a teaching tip and then open up the conversation to you.

Our Learning Community on Inclusive Teaching, facilitated by CTL staff members Jean Otsuki and Pary Fassihi, provides graduate students with an opportunity to reflect on the significance of instructors’ and students’ social identities in the teaching and learning context and explore evidence-based instructional strategies and course design principles that support student engagement and belonging.  Participants will meet throughout the semester to build on their participation in Cornell’s massive open online course (MOOC), “Teaching & Learning in the Diverse Classroom” (TLDC).  We are no longer accepting applications for this pilot group but plan to offer this Learning Community again, so check back on our website later this spring for more details!

Our Graduate Student Teaching Fund helps graduate students defray expenses associated with teaching their own LfA course.  Graduate students serving as instructors of record this semester may request resources such as a monitor; webcam; microphone; tablet stylus; subscription to tools such as VoiceThread, Padlet, etc; and/or the cost of enrolling in an online teaching course.

We are also conducting Learning Analysis Polls for Graduate Writing Fellows teaching their own courses through the CAS Writing Program.  We collect feedback from students mid-semester about how the class is going and then share the results in a confidential follow-up meeting with the instructor.

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