Lou Creekmur

Member of NFL Hall of Fame
Died at age 82

Lou Creekmur, a former Detroit Lions lineman and eight-time Pro Bowl player, died in 2009 from dementia. The CSTE examined Mr. Creekmur’s brain and found substantial evidence of CTE. There was no evidence of Alzheimer’s disease or of any other neurodegenerative disease. Mr. Creekmur was the tenth former NFL player diagnosed with CTE and the most advanced case of CTE found in a football player to date at the CSTE.


Figure 7 shows dense tau deposits (brown) in the insula (1), temporal (2) and frontal (3) cortices, amygdala (4) and hippocampus (5) in the absence of beta amyloid plaques. A normal control brain would not show any brown discoloration.

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