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The Oxford Handbook of Adult Cognitive Disorders

The Oxford Handbook of Adult Cognitive Disorders is an up-to-date, scholarly, and comprehensive volume covering most diseases, conditions, and injuries resulting in impairments in cognitive function in adults. Topics covered include normal cognitive and brain aging, the impact of medical disorders and psychiatric illnesses on cognitive function, adult neurodevelopmental disorders, and various neurological conditions.

Sports Neurology, Volume 158 1st Edition

We are happy to announce the publication of a major new book, Sports Neurology, co-edited by Dr. Robert Stern (Boston University Alzheimer’s Disease Center) Clinical Core Director and Director of Clinical Research for the BU CTE Center) and Dr. Brian Hainline (CMO of the NCAA).

Study: Most Americans want end to tackle football before age 14

A majority of Americans — both sports fans and 
non-spectators alike — say the NFL has failed to 
address the problem of sports-related concussions, and believes tackle football before the age of 14 should be eliminated, according to a poll conducted by 
University of Massachusetts Lowell researchers… Expert quote: “It’s fascinating. Public perception, as exemplified […]