Sports Neurology, Volume 158 1st Edition

We are happy to announce the publication of a major new book, Sports Neurology, co-edited by Dr. Robert Stern (Boston University Alzheimer’s Disease Center) Clinical Core Director and Director of Clinical Research for the BU CTE Center) and Dr. Brian Hainline (CMO of the NCAA). The book is part of the Handbook in Clinical Neurology series published by Elsevier. Amongst the book’s 43 chapters are two on Chronic Traumatic Encephalopoathy authored by Boston University Alzheimer’s Disease Center and BU CTE Center faculty and staff, Drs. Ann McKee, Thor Stein, and Mike Alosco, as well as staff members, Steve D’Ascanio and Bobby Abdolmohammadi. Congratulations to all!…/sport…/hainline/978-0-444-63954-7

You can also purchase the book on Amazon:…/…/0444639543