MOP 2011 Invited Speakers

Tutorial — Six talks

Speaker * Affiliation Topic
Margaret Kivelson UCLA Magnetosphere: Structure & Dynamics
Laurent Lamy LESIA Saturn’s Rotation
Jean-Claude Gerard U. Liege Aurora – Global features
Sebastien Hess LATMOS Aurora – Micro Processes
Marina Galand Imperial College Atmos.-Ionos.-Magnetosphere Coupling
Peter Delamere U. Colorado Satellites and interactions

Specific Topics — Fourteen talks

K.C. Hansen U. Michigan Modeling of Large-scale systems
Chris Arridge MSSL Obs. of Plasma sheet structure & dynamics
Pontus Brandt JHU/APL ENA imaging for Jupiter and Saturn
Nick Sergis A. Athens Saturnian ring current
Elias Roussos MPS Radiation belts / microsignature studies
Gabrielle Provan U. Leicester Saturn aurora: MP/BS 10h variations
Nick Achilleos UCL The ionosphere-atmosphere model
J. T. Clarke Boston U. Response to SW in Jovian & Saturnian auroras
Sarah Badman JAXA Cassini VIMS observations of Saturnian Auroras
Nataly Ozak U. Kansas X-ray auroras
Geraint Jones MSSL Rhea and Enceladus environments & interactions
Cesar Bertucci IASP Argentina Titan’s environments & interactions
Sascha Kempf U Colorado/MPI-K Dust measurements with CDA on Cassini
Michiko Morooka IRFU Dust & low temperature plasma of Saturn

* – Presenter name linked to pdf of the presentation (when available), title linked to video of the presentation.

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