Complete Your Background Check (CORI) & Protection of Minors Training

In solidarity with our mission, many of our programs work to mentor and empower children and youth throughout the Greater Boston Area. In our shared roles as teachers and mentors, we take the protection and safety of the community members we work with seriously. All students who volunteer with programs that work with minors and other vulnerable populations must be compliant in two processes within the last three years:

1) Have a completed and cleared background check through the Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) system.

    1. Download the CORI forms here. There should be six (6) pages in total. All forms must be completed, signed, and submitted on single-sided sheets. All CORI forms must be filled out completely using Adobe Acrobat, including passport number, driver’s license number, or another government-issued ID number. Boston University students can download Adobe Acrobat for free. To access the software, request a license from Boston University IS&T. New to using Adobe Acrobat? Check out this tutorial to learn how to use the fill & sign tool.
    2. Once you have completed your electronic CORI forms, save the file as “First Name_Last Name_ CORI Forms.pdf
    3. Submit your completed CORI forms via the secure Dropbox link below. As a reminder, the information contained in the forms and ascertained through the verification process is kept confidential.
    4. Once you have submitted your CORI forms, a CSC staff member must see and sign off on a passport, driver’s license, or another government-issued ID number to complete the subjection verification section. Please bring your government-issued ID to the CSC office between 9am and 5pm, located on the 4th floor of the George Sherman Union, and one of our staff members will assist you.

If you are unable to submit the paperwork electronically, please reach out to the program manager overseeing your volunteer program to make alternative arrangements. Not sure who your program manager is? Check out our team information here.

2) Have completed the Protection of Minors training and submitted the Certificate of Completion to the Community Service Center. 

Please familiarize yourself with the Boston University Protection of Minors policy and complete the Protection of Minors Online Learning Program.

How to access the online learning program:

  1. Go to
  2. Complete the Registration form
    1. Enter your first name, last name, and email address and click “Register
    2. You will receive a welcome email with your username and a temporary password
    3. Follow the link in the email to sign in. You will be prompted to:
      • Enter your temporary password
      • Create a new password
      • Create and answer a security question
  3. Once you are logged in, select “Protection of Minors – Boston University” under My Courses, then launch the course by clicking “Launch.”
  4. A history of your completed courses is available in “My Completions.” You will also receive an email containing a link to your completion certificate, upon successful completion of the course.
  5. Upload your Certificate of Completion via the secure Dropbox link below.

Tips for completing the course:

  • Pop-up blocker must be disabled for
  • Ensure your computer meets all System Requirements specified here
  • If you have any issues with signing in, accessing the course, or did not receive the welcome email, visit the Support Portal

Students may not work with children, youth, and teens under the age of 18 until they are compliant with both of these policies. Any BU student who, based on the trainings and information available at the BU Safety website, believes a minor participating in a community program with CSC volunteers is at risk is required to report the risk to appropriate authorities. Students should follow the reporting guidelines in these situations and alert CSC and program leadership.