Student Leadership

The Community Service Center is made successful through the hard work, leadership, and mentorship of over 300 students each year. Here are opportunities to serve in student leadership here at the CSC:

Position Title

Employment Dates




Program Manager (~20)

May (Flexible) – May

Paid Hourly

Paid Hourly

Full-time undergraduate students


Program managers (PMs) work on a team to define the unique identity of the Community Service Center (CSC) as a student-initiated community engagement program. PMs collaborate to develop and deliver community engagement, service, education, and reflection experiences in solidarity with the mission of the CSC, Boston University Dean of Students, and Boston University at large. Program Managers lead programs (Empowerment League, Afterschool, Siblings, Student Food Rescue, Alternative Service Breaks) and operations (communications, storytelling, development, transportation and logistics, education and reflection, and partnerships).

FYSOP Program Manager (2-4)

January – August/December

Paid Hourly + Summer Housing

Full-time undergraduate students, including graduating seniors


The FYSOP PM is responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing the First-Year Student Outreach Project at the Boston University Community Service Center (CSC) with the support of the director, assistant director, intern, coordinators of programs, and other program managers. The FYSOP PM will be accountable for the recruitment, selection, and training of FYSOP coordinators and staff, recruitment of first-year student participants, all goals and programs of the experience, and related responsibilities as a member of the CSC leadership team.

Coordinator of Programs (1)

April/May – August

Paid Hourly + Summer Housing

Full-time undergraduate students, including graduating seniors

November-March (Rolling)

The CSC COP serves as a member of the CSC senior staff during training and summer programs. The COP will work closely with other members of senior staff to manage deliverables and logistics for FYSOP, train new CSC program managers, and create content and programming for the following academic year CSC program.

Graduate Intern (1-2)

May or September (flexible) – May

Paid Hourly

Full- and part-time BU graduate students

March-April (Rolling)

The graduate intern (GI) supports the growth and efficacy of student-led community action and reflection programs at Boston University. The GI works closely with undergraduate student leaders, assisting them in developing leadership skills, exploring and understanding social justice issues, accessing community service resources, and making connections in the Greater Boston community with the support of and in collaboration with the CSC director, assistant director, Office of the Dean of Students and other campus colleagues, and community partners.

FYSOP Coordinator (~14)

March – August

Paid Hourly + Summer Housing

Full-time undergraduate students


First-Year Student Outreach Project Coordinators (FYCOs) serve as members of the Community Service Center team to plan and implement FYSOP for incoming Boston University students. FYCOs will, under the mentorship of FYSOP program managers, CSC interns, and CSC senior staff, develop a mission and vision, education programs, service opportunities, and critical reflection experiences for both the whole program and a smaller cohort of students and staff leaders. FYCOs will also be responsible for project areas, overseeing programmatic or logistic functions of the program. Finally, FYCOs will support Orientation in welcoming all students, regardless of FYSOP participation, to our community.

FYSOP Staff Leader (~175)

Two weeks in August

Voluntary, includes meals

Full-time undergraduate students


FYSOP Staff Leaders are the heart of the FYSOP experience, welcoming and mentoring students to Boston and BU, and utilizing their training and knowledge as the primary program facilitators. With 1-2 other staff leaders, serve as a guide and mentor to a group of 10-15 new students throughout the week of FYSOP, providing information about daily activities and schedules, monitoring group attendance and wellness, addressing and mitigating crises and conflicts, and helping students navigate the physical, emotional, and social experiences of FYSOP.

ASB Coordinator (40-50)

October – April

Unpaid, trip fee waiver

Voluntary, trip fee waiver

Full-time undergraduate students


Trip coordinators are the heart of Alternative Service Breaks. Responsible for all aspects of their trip, coordinators work in pairs, planning and leading one ASB trip. Coordinators are assigned to planning one ASB trip, attend weekly meetings and office hours, and assist program chairs with events and projects. Coordinators utilize the CSC’s resources to contact their site & housing, request donations, and perform other tasks. Participating in a variety of social and fundraising events throughout the academic year, coordinators form strong connections with the program, volunteers, and each other.

ASB Program Chair (3-4)

September – April

Trip fee waiver, stipend week of spring break

Voluntary, Trip fee waiver, stipend week of spring break

Full-time undergraduate students


Program chairs are instrumental to the success of Alternative Service Breaks. They collaborate with Program Managers to facilitate a key component of the program, support efforts to hire coordinators, and help direct the mission and vision of ASB. Past program chairs have served in education and reflection, database and registration, transportation and logistics, public relations, and sustainability.

ASB Chaperone (20-25)

Week of Spring Break

Voluntary, trip fee waiver

Full- and part-time graduate students (and professional staff)

August-January (Rolling)

Each Alternative Service Breaks trip has a chaperone, a graduate student or staff member who supports trip coordinators in emergencies, handles the trip budget on behalf of Boston University and CSC leadership, and otherwise participates fully in the community engagement, service, reflection, and team building aspects of the ASB experience.

GDS Committee (3-5)

March – April


Full-time graduate and undergraduate students


The GDS (Global Days of Service) student committee work together to partner with Development & Alumni Relations on BU’s annual Global Days of Service. The team develops partnerships with community organizations, solicits day-of donations, plans education and reflection, maps transportation options, and ensures each of the 300+ students working at 20+ partner organizations has a meaningful experience.

Peer Leader (Varies)

September-December, January-April, or September-April


Full-time undergraduate students

September and January

Many CSC programs appoint peer leaders to oversee a specific project, program, or partnership. Peer leaders serve as point people between program managers and volunteers or community partners. They may facilitate education and reflection programs, plan lessons and programs, or coordinate group outings to service opportunities. These opportunities vary year to year, and more information can be found on individual program pages.