Honors in Computer Science

This program is open to exceptional undergraduate students who desire to complete a research “capstone” experience as part of their BA degree in the Department of Computer Science. There are no formal GPA requirements, but it is expected that only students with a distinguished record of academic performance, and a strong interest in independent research, will elect this program.

Students in the program must complete two semesters of research work (as courses CS 401 and 402) under the supervision of a tenure-track faculty member in the Department of Computer Science, which will culminate in a written document and an oral presentation before a committee of the faculty (ideally, as part of a research group’s ongoing seminar).  Students in the program are strongly encouraged to attend research group seminars and relevant departmental colloquia.

Interested students should contact Jacob Harrington, Undergraduate Program Administrator, for more information. To apply, please submit a brief letter stating ones qualifications for the program as well as a recommendation letter from the sponsoring faculty member by March 31st of the student’s Junior year. Applications may be sent to Jacob Harrington and will be reviewed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies (currently Professor Wayne Snyder). After review and acceptance, the student may then register for CS 401 for the following Fall term. Admission to CS 402 will be contingent on the faculty member’s satisfaction with the student’s performance in CS 401.