Learning Outcomes

Students completing the BA in Physics & Computer Science will have:

  1. Knowledge of fundamental concepts in physics and computer science.
  2. Knowledge of the application of advanced mathematical and computational methods to problems in physics and other fields.
  3. Programming and software engineering skills.
  4. Combined theoretical and technical skills to use on real-world applications.


Physics/CS major students must meet the following requirements:

  • Prerequisite Courses
    • MA 123 Calculus I and MA 124 Calculus II or one (1) of the following:
      • MA 127 Enriched Calculus, MA 129 Honors Calculus, or equivalent
    • CS 111 Intro to CS I and CS 112 Intro to CS II
    • CS 131 Combinatoric Structures
    • CS 210 Computer Systems
    • CS 235 Algebraic Algorithms or CS 237 Probability in Computing
    • PY 251 Principles of Physics I and PY 252 Principles of Physics II OR
      • PY 211 General Physics I and PY 212 General Physics II
    • PY 351 Modern Physics OR PY 313 Elementary Modern Physics
    •  PY 355 Methods of Theoretical Physics
  • Principle Required Courses
    • CS 330 Algorithms
    • One (1) other CS course at the 300 level
    • Two (2) other CS courses at the 300 level or above
    • PY 410 Statistical Thermodynamics
    • PY 421 Intro to Computational Physics
    • CS/PY 536 Quantum Computing
    • One (1) additional upper level Physics course or PY 371


      CS Advisors for the Physics/CS Major*

      Have a general advising inquiry? Contact us at csadvise@bu.edu and we will get back to you soon.

      *As a Physics & Computer Science major, you will be assigned a CS advisor (above) as well as a Physics advisor. Please contact the Physics Department for more information on how to be assigned a Physics advisor.

      Advising Materials

      If you are thinking about a joint major in Computer Science & Physics, check out our Physics & Computer Science Plan of Study. This can be used as a guide when preparing for advising appointments or registration. It also covers hub units that students may need to earn outside of the Physics/CS joint major.

      BU Hub and the Physics/CS Major

      Physics/CS Majors must complete the BU Hub general education requirement. The BU Hub can be satisfied through a mix of major courses, the Core Curriculum, Co-curricular experiences, and coursework in other departments/minors or double majors.