Learning Outcomes

Mathematics & Computer Science majors will be able to demonstrate:

1. In-depth knowledge in the mathematical foundations.
2. Programming and software engineering skills.
3. Combined theoretical and technical skills to use on real-world applications.


Math and CS major students must meet the following requirements in the lower and upper divisions:

  • Lower Division
    • MA 123: Calculus and MA 124: Calculus II or one (1) of the following:
      • MA 127 Enriched Calculus, MA 129 Honors Calculus, or equivalent
    • MA 225: Multivariate Calculus
    • MA 242: Linear Algebra
    • MA 293: Discrete Math OR CS 131: Combinatoric Structures
    • MA 294: Applied Abstract Algebra
    • MA 581 Probability* OR CS 237 Probability in Computing
    • CS 111: Intro to CS I
    • CS 112: Intro to CS II
    • CS 210: Computer Systems
  • Upper Division
    • CS 330: Intro to Analysis of Algorithms
    • Two of the following:
      • CS 320: Concepts of Programming Languages
      • CS 332: Elements of the Theory of Computation
      • CS 350: Fundamentals of Computing Systems
    • Two (2) CS courses level 400 or above
    • Two (2) MA courses level 200 or above
    • One two-course sequence selected from:
      • MA 531/532: Mathematical Logic/Foundations of Mathematics
      • MA 541/542: Modern Algebra I & II
      • MA 555/556: Numerical Analysis I & II
      • MA 569/570: Optimization Methods of Operations Research/Stochastic Methods of Operations Research
      • MA 581, 582, 583 Probability, Mathematical Statistics, Introduction to Stochastic Processes (any two)


CS Advisors for the Math/CS Major*

Have a general advising inquiry? Contact us at csadvise@bu.edu and we will get back to you soon.

*As a Mathematics & Computer Science major, you will be assigned a CS advisor (above) as well as a Math advisor. Please contact the Math Department for more information on how to be assigned a Math advisor.

Advising Materials

If you are thinking about a joint major in Math & Computer Science, check out our Computer Science & Math Plan of Study This can be used as a guide when preparing for advising appointments or registration. It also covers hub units that students may need to earn outside of the Math/CS joint major.

For students completing Divisional Studies/Core Curriculum: The Mathematics section of the Undergraduate Bulletin also lists the Math/CS major requirements, and make sure to take a look at them before scheduling an advising appointment.

BU Hub and the Math/CS Major

Math/CS Majors must complete the BU Hub general education requirement. The BU Hub can be satisfied through a mix of major courses, the Core Curriculum, Co-curricular experiences, and coursework in other departments/minors or double majors.

See here for more information on which BU Hub units are satisfied by the Math/CS Major.