This program allows you to earn your BA and MS degree in computer science on a condensed timeline. For the MS portion of this degree you need to earn 32 credits (8 courses). This program is designed for highly qualified students in our undergraduate programs.


  • towards the BA portion: fulfill all of your undergraduate requirements. These include the undergraduate CS major requirements as well as the HUB and CAS second language requirements.
  • towards the MS portion: 8 courses in computer science at the graduate level, i.e. courses numbered CS500 or higher. Among these
    • 1 course in theory area
    • 1 in software
    • 1 in systems
    • 2 in applications
    • 3 any grad level CS course.

    The courses in the different areas are outlined in the MS program breadth requirements .


    • Students are eligible to apply if they are CS majors, have a major GPA of at least 3.5 and cumulative GPA of 3.0.
    • You should apply to this program once you have achieved junior standing (64 – 95 credits) but no later than the first semester of your senior year.
    • Application deadlines are November 30th for spring admission and April 20th for the fall. Review of applications will begin after the deadline.

For more information, contact Professor Dora Erdos, Director of Undergraduate Studies, at the end of your sophomore or the beginning of your junior year.

To apply, click here.