The MS Degree Foundation

The following are the core graduate courses that carry breadth-requirement credit for all CS Masters students (in both the MS and BA/MS programs).

A Masters student is required to take at least five breadth courses, with at least one from each Area. To satisfy the breadth requirement, the number of courses with a grade of B- must not exceed those with grade B+ or higher. A grade of B- or better must be earned for any graduate course.

Overview of Breadth Courses

The following courses automatically count towards the breadth requirements when a student registers. This list is the same for every semester, meaning these courses always count towards the breadth requirements. However, not all of these courses will be offered every semester.


Breadth Courses by Semester

Each semester, the CS Department may designate additional courses to count towards the breadth requirements. These are on a semester-by-semester basis, based on the other courses being offered. The department chooses additional courses to count towards breadth requirements when there are not enough breadth requirement courses being offered in each area, so an additional course may count for one semester but not another.

To see which courses are offered for a given semester and count towards the breadth requirements, see below. Designated additional courses for the semester are marked with *.