Doctoral Subject Exam in Computer Vision

Exam Overview

This doctoral subject exam is intended for those students who plan to pursue a PhD in topics associated with computer vision. It is designed to test whether students have a sufficiently comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the field of computer vision to do PhD-level research in the field.

Exam Format

The exam will be given the fall semester, as a three-hour, in-class exam. The next exam will be administered in September 2018. The test is closed book, but you can bring 3 pages of crib sheets (both sides) on normal-sized paper (8.5 x 11 inches). Preparing a crib sheet is a useful study tool; it helps you to review and organize the material before the test. Your crib sheets should be written out (no mechanical or electronic reproductions are allowed). If you elect to use crib sheets, you will be asked to turn them in with your test.

Exam Bibliography

A list of topics and bibliography are available here.

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