Wenxin Feng Wins ACM ETRA 2021 Best Paper Award

A picture of Margrit Betke and Wenxin Feng
Betke and Feng

Congratulations to BU CS 2018 PhD Alumnus Wenxin Feng, advised by Professor Margrit Betke, for winning the ACM ETRA 2021 Best Paper Award!

Wenxin, now a researcher at Google, worked on a project which was a 2018 collaboration with co awardee Andrew Kurauchi. Andrew Kurauchi was a visiting PhD student in the IVC lab in 2014/15, and his PhD adviser Carlos Morimoto of the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Wenxin’s full paper HGaze Typing: Head-Gesture Assisted Gaze Typing introduces a bi-modal typing interface. We are proud to commend Wenxin for receiving this award. To read her article about HGaze Typing, click here. To see the award and other awardees, click here.

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