Professor Ran Canetti wins RSA Award for Excellence in the Field of Mathematics

We are pleased to announce that Ran Canetti has received the RSA Conference Award!  This award, which was also given this year to Rafail Ostrovsky, is in recognition of lifetime achievement in the field of computer security.  The category for which Ran was honored isExcellence in the Field of Mathematics.  This award reflects the amazing impact that Ran has (already) had over the course of his career in the field of cryptography (see

The text of the award reads:

This year’s award honors both, Ran Canetti, professor of Computer Science at Boston University and Tel-Aviv University and Rafail Ostrovsky, professor of Computer Science and Mathematics at UCLA for their groundbreaking, influential work on Novel Models and Protocol Notions for Secure Computation Tasks. Their combined experience developing novel problems, models and fundamental notions, opened the door for multiple new directions in cryptography. Jointly, they made essential contributions to proactive security, efficient zero-knowledge protocols, novel signature schemes and encryption schemes with additional properties, including deniable encryption. Professor Canetti made crucial contributions to Universal Composability, limitations of Random Oracle Model and HMAC function. Professor Ostrovsky enhanced encryption in new directions for big data, including Oblivious RAM and its applications, Encryptions with keyword search on cypher texts, Private Information Retrieval for single server and efficient searching and processing of encrypted data in the cloud with strong privacy guarantees.


Congratulations Professor Canetti!

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