AAR Reading Religion Book Review: Practical Theology and Qualitative Research, 2d ed.

Practical Theology and Qualitative Research by Swinton and MowatJohn Swinton and Harriet Mowat’s 2006 Practical Theology and Qualitative Research is a well-known resource on practical theology bibliographies. This updated second edition includes one new chapter and an appendix exploring themes related to analysis. Below, you can read the beginning of Jane M. Curry’s review of this second edition. Be sure to visit the Reading Religion website for the full review

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Practical Theology and Qualitative Research, 2nd Edition, by John Swinton and Harriet Mowat

Norwich, UK: Hymns Ancient and Modern Ltd., October 2016. 320 pages.£25.00. Paperback. ISBN 9780334049883. For other formats: Link to Publisher’s Website.


Explore the relationship between qualitative methods and Practical Theology by reading John Swinton and Harriet Mowat’s text, Practical Theology and Qualitative Research: Second Edition. While illuminating the role of research and its relationship with theological circumstances, they successfully move reflective research in new directions. This is important considering “practical theology continues to offer a significant contribution to the wider field of theology and the practices of the Church and the world”(xi). Follow this link for the complete review at AAR Reading Religion.

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