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The second floor of the School of Medicine building has been renovated. Underutilized teaching laboratories (that were between 40-50 years old) have been replaced with 7 new classrooms (3 classrooms of 66 seats, 1 class room of 59 seats, 1 conference room of 26 seats, bridge study space of 6 seats, and a senate style case room of 36 seats). Class and seminar rooms now have movable tables and chairs. In addition, the entire floor has been improved with new heating and cooling controls, lighting, carpeting, and classroom technology systems. Using sky-fold dividing walls, each 66-seat classrooms is now convertible into two 33-seat rooms. Audio-visual systems have been synchronized to allow two or more rooms to view the same materials. Lighting, heating and cooling controls adjust automatically to room configuration changes.

Project Team

Project Management: Derek Rodger (Campus Planning & Operations)