Minor Options in the Core

Core has always been known as a Liberal Arts learning community, where students benefit from an atmosphere of small seminars and from direct contact with engaged faculty. Now, students who want to take their Core learning beyond the foundational courses can pursue a minor in the program. This page provides information about the two minor pathways in Core.

Students, please note:

  • There is CAS travel funding available for Core Minor projects.
  • “Graduation with honors in the major is a factor in election to Phi Beta Kappa and is noted on the student’s transcript and diploma.” (source)

The Core Minor: a liberal arts foundation

(Hegis 1431) In order to complete the Core Minor, students begin by completing the gateway courses, CC 101 and CC 102. Next, students choose from a selection of six Core courses that cover multiple fields including natural sciences, humanities, and the social sciences. Finally, students submit a minor declaration form through the CAS website.

  • Step 1: complete a Core gateway course
  • Step 2: complete four other Core courses
  • Step 3: submit a minor declaration form

The Minor in Core Independent Studies (MCIS):
project-based learning and independent coursework

(Hegis 1432) This minor allows students to pursue a personal academic interest by combining Core coursework with outside material from other classes. The MCIS minor differs from the Core Minor in that students must also complete four other related classes to their topic at the 300-level or above; at least two must be outside of Core.

To complete the MCIS, students must first complete a two-course sequence either in the humanities, natural sciences, or social sciences. Next, they meet with the Core Minor Advisor, Catherine Klancer, and submit a written statement outlining the project they will focus on with their specific coursework and plan. Finally, students take a minor course within Core, CC 350, where students complete their paper or creative project.

  • Step 1: complete a two-course sequence in Core
  • Step 2: meet with the Core Minor Advisor
  • Step 3: complete four other related classes
  • Step 4: complete CC 350 and your MCIS project

Advising Tips and FAQs

  • How do I declare a Core minor?
  • Students declare their Core minor online on via the CAS minor declaration form. If they are doing the MCIS, they should declare before they enroll in CC 350.
  • How do I begin the Minor in Core Independent Studies?
  • Schedule an appointment to discuss your plans with the Core Minor Advisor.
  • Can students do both minors?
  • In some cases, yes. To see if it is feasible to undertake both Core minor options, schedule an appointment to meet with the Core Minor Advisor.

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