Powerbank Batteries for Laptop Charging

Laptop battery dead? No outlet nearby? COM has a solution!

In the COM Student lounge is a kiosk for students to check out a large capacity “Powerbank” battery to use in COM classrooms and common areas. The battery has an AC outlet to connect a standard laptop wall charger. It also has USB ports for charging/powering portable devices. These will power most laptops for 6-8 hours continuously.

Students should use their BU ID and follow the instructions on the Kiosk to check out the battery. The batteries must be returned by the end of the day and can only be used in the COM Building. Users must be enrolled in a COM class. When returning, please remember to check-in the battery and re-connect the charging cable so that it will be fully charged for the next user.

See instructions on top of batteries. Connect a laptop to the AC power outlet and press the button next to the outlet to make it active.

Photo of laptop kiosk station
Powerbank Kiosk station in COM Student Lounge